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I don't know if you have ever layed back and just gazed up at the clouds but that is exactly what inspired me to start this project. I have always been an artist in one way or another. Maybe not always the best but I have always poured my heart into my creations.  There is no greater medium than Mother Nature. Clouds hold such mystery and magnificents for the imagination. I invite you to explore and enjoy this journey we are about to embark on. Welcome to The Cloud Seekers. 


  The task I have set out to accomplish is not a goal. Goals have an end or destination. This journey has no end. I hope to build a community of like minded Artists and Dreamers who can appreciate and contribute to the beauty of cloud seeking. 


I would love to turn this adventure into an ongoing YouTube series or show in which everyone who contributes will be showcased with their art. I would also love to have background footage to show the adventure that led you to capturing the art. There are on occasion some great stories about the events that led you to the opportunity to capture your art. 


Your subscription will keep you up to date on new art work and new artists.

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Let us kbow what you think of our site. Suggestion? We also love to gain new artists and their work.

 If you want to leave comments or suggestions, please do so. If you are an artist who loves taking photos of clouds and want to showcase your work, leave us your name and phone number and we will be in touch. 

The Cloud Seekers